COVID-19 update for Friends of Solstice

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the United States, it has dramatically changed all our daily lives. We
know there is a great deal of concern for the well-being of our most vulnerable population, those with
compromised immune systems and those 60 years old or older, many of whom live in our communities or
are considering moving into one of our communities.  
I can say without a doubt that the health and safety of our residents is always our top priority. All
processes we have implemented are designed to limit the exposure that one faces in public. We bring
critical needs to our residents, instead of their having to leave their homes, and thereby put themselves at
At a time when many seniors are isolated at home, we have each other! Here are a few ways we
can care for your loved ones during this time –


  • We are allowing a very limited number of visitors to the community to reduce the risk of COVID-19 being introduced.
  • Our community is screening every employee, resident and vendor daily.
  • The team sanitizes commonly touched surfaces multiple times daily to reduce the spread of germs.
  • We are monitoring the daily procedural adjustments to ever-changing CDC and State Health Department recommendations and responding accordingly.


  • Daily meals delivered to each resident – Our residents do not need to brave the grocery stores to get food. We have closed the dining rooms in compliance with CDC and State Health Department guidelines, but we are still providing food services to our residents. 
  • Housekeeping and supplies – Our residents do not worry about having to purchase cleaning supplies. Our communities are fully stocked and prepared to provide the necessary items our residents need.
  • Vibrant Life® program – Our directors have come up with some creative activities for our residents to keep them moving, engaged, laughing and enjoying life, while maintaining proper social distancing. Our residents’ family members are FaceTiming and Skyping with their loved ones, and sending cards and letters so they can still “visit” with them and feel connected.
  • Respite stays – A temporary, all-inclusive retreat for seniors. Respite stays are perfect for illness prevention, as our communities are equipped to keep residents safe, healthy and entertained during times when they are encouraged to stay home.
  • Healthcare Partners – We partner with various agencies to meet the healthcare needs of our residents. 

While we can’t offer in-person tours at this time, we are happy to set up a phone call or video conference or to meet you off-site to discuss your specific needs. Our community will still be moving new residents in as needed, following a health screen. We can also take you on a virtual tour of our communities, or you can visit our website at for more information.  
We hope you and your loved ones stay safe during this time. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Israel Regus

Executive Director

Solstice Senior Living at Apple Valley

(760) 247-1766

Angele Laib

Director of Sales and Marketing

Solstice Senior Living at Apple Valley

(760) 247-1766